Careful Will be at Goodbye Blue Monday

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ERIC LINDLEY is a bi-coastal artist/researcher/teacher, living with a foot in New York and a foot in Los Angeles. His work, ranging from critical/creative cross-genre writing, to biofeedback installation, to fluxus-style event scores, puppet-musicals, digital photography, experimentally-based research in cognitive linguistics, and electro-folk music, has appeared in/at: EOAGH, ANTENNAE, JOYLAND, The Santa Monica Museum of Art, the CUNY graduate galleries, Telic Gallery, the Veleslavasay Panorama, Machine Project, REDCAT, the Knitting Factory, the Juliard School of Music, Pianos, the Smell, The Royal College of Music (UK), STEIM (Netherlands), and many other places that his body has occupied at one point or another. He has recently finished a book-length set of narrative, semi-fictional prose-poems, as well as two full-length albums of electronic folk music—the second as “Careful,” to be released March, 2010. Please consider submitting to his lovingly co-edited, online-and-soon-to-be-print literary journal, [OUT OF NOTHING].

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