CMJ Oct 18th, plus two new videos

Hi! I’ve got news!

I’m playing CMJ with a bunch of truly incredible musicians in October:

Stephanie Richards — Trumpet and Voice (a free improv jazz and classical player)

Alicia Jo Rabins — Violin and Voice (an indie/folk/classical player)

Sarah Bouchard — Mandolin and Voice (a folk player)

Qasim Naqvi — Percussion (a free improv jazz and classical player)

Aakaash Israni — Contrabass (a free improv jazz and classical player)

October 18th (opening night) of CMJ 8:30PM at The Living Room

Also, two new videos:



Apexart Reading May 25

291 Church Street
New York, NY 10013

Starting at 6:30

Angela Ashman
Dylan Landis
Eric Lindley
Shelly Oria

May 25

Angela Ashman is an editor at The Village Voice. Her fiction has appeared in Fence and on, and she was a finalist for Glimmer Train’s Short Story Award for New Writers.

Dylan Landis is the author of Normal People Don’t Live Like This, a novel-in-stories that made Newsday’s Ten Best Books of 2009 and More magazine’s Top 100 Books Every Woman Should Read. She has received 2010 fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Sewanee Writers’ Conference and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.

Eric Lindley makes textual, aural, visual and participatory work as often as he has time and money to do. His written work has appeared in Fence, Joyland, Antennae, Shampoo, and Eaogh, and has been performed at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, REDCAT, the Knitting Factory and Machine Project.

Shelly Oria has published fiction in McSweeney’s, The Indiana Review, Quarterly West, cream city review, and the Spectrum Anthology. She has served as senior editor at Storyscape and has taught at the Baccalaureate School for Global Education. She curates the Actors Reading Writers series and is the co-producer of Literary Death Match Tel Aviv. She holds a BA from Tel Aviv University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence.

Various Upcoming Events not to be missed by humans who like watching and listening!

Thursday, April 7, 7pm: Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum Lounge

Yelena Zhelezov, Chi-Wang Yang and I will be performing “The Live-Long Day”, a cross between multimedia theater performance and fine art installation. Yelena is an exciting, playful artist and puppetrix who has a talent for creating wonderfully oblique metaphorical instantiations of ideas that manage to be both whimsical and critically engaged. Chi-Wang is a theater director and artist who constantly redefines the boundaries and possibilities of theatrical and non-theatrical performative experience. If you can, please come see the result of our efforts!

Sunday, April 10, 11pm-2am: KXLU

The sincere and engaging Mystic Pete has invited me to play live and share some music on his great show on KXLU. I’ll be playing a lot of esoteric and beautiful music by friends and people I admire who combine art, academia, electronics and songwriting.

Sunday, April 17, 3:30pm: Outpost for Contemporary Art

I’ll be reading with Lidia Yuknavitch and Janice Lee on family and abjection. Janice is a deeply theoretical and fascinating writer who manages to represent the emotional complexities of human existence and cognition. Lidia is an incredibly engaging reader and writer, who’s work ranges over several genres, but is always both critically informed, inventive, and affecting.

Sunday, April 17, evening/night: The Smell (Downtown LA)

I’ll be playing with Daylong Valleys of the Nile (members of Lavender Diamond—and talented at combining complex harmonic movement with an energetic, improvised feel) and the wonderful Girls in Trouble (who beautifully weave informed and innovative readings of esoteric religious figures with intricate songwriting and compelling, interlocking melodies—Highly Recommended bands and venue and altogether night!

btw, all future events will conform to the formalism of a kind of ad hoc fibonacci-ish sequence…. so, April 7, 10, 17, 27…….

Last show in LA for now—Bootleg Theatre March 30

Playing some new songs, distributing an EP so special that its name must nae bee sprake.

I’m slotted for 10:30 (after Daniel Ahearn and Marcus Very Ordinary), and think that I will be going on pretty precisely at that time, so be warned, and not late!

Hope you can come!

NYC Artist on the Rise!


Most music lovers discover the discreet charm and amazing therapeutic power of gentle music when their lives enter the hectic phase (late 20s?). Here at The Deli we created a genre category for this kind of music, called “Mellow Core“. Belonging to this genre is Careful, the project of published writer, orchestral composer, visual artist, and part time builder-of-robots Eric Lindley. His tunes, tied together by a soft, whispered approach and by attention to texture, mix more or less traditional songwriting with sparse and dreamy electronic effects, often slightly dissonant, but always tastefully realized. Careful will be playing live at Death By Audio on April 30th – mark your calendars.  -The Deli Magazine

Lay Science Big Public Closing!

(from Machine Project

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Please join us for the final presentation of Lay Science, a puppet show / science experiment by Eric Lindley and Katie Shook. They’ll be presenting a rundown of the data they’ve collected over the past several weeks, along with statistical analysis to see if their original, mysterious hypothesis is relevant, along with unusual or unexpected or simply comical findings. There will be a full reveal of the experiment and what inspired it, a performance of the piece for everyone in attendance, and an opportunity to talk with Eric and Katie as well as volunteers and participants about the experience, general discussion about science and art, and general closing merriment with general food.

Lay Science Opening Friday, 7:30pm

Lay Science: a project by Eric Lindley and Katie Shook, in residence at Machine Project

January 23rd – February 26th, 2011Show times + dates below, click the links to RSVP.


What if art could have a measurable function in the world? What if people outside the scope of academia had the resources to practice sound, scientific research? Lay Science, a collaboration between Eric Lindley and Katie Shook, is an exploration into the literal use-value of art, and a critique of institutionalized scientific research.

It is also a short puppet musical.

Lay Science integrates common, contemporary scientific techniques with experimental art-making to combine the two fields into a rich, participatory exploration into how the integration of human activities like art and science can open up dialogue and stimulate progress in each field. Participants — anyone who would like to visit Machine Project from late January through late February, 2011 — are invited to view a short, private puppet show and take a survey, so that Katie and Eric can gather data for scientific analysis.

The show itself is a short, private puppet performances by Katie and Eric, which will be done for one audience member at a time. The viewer will be immersed in a complete, surreal musical and visual environment, in a small enclosure within the gallery, as Katie and Eric make a unique performance for that person alone, about the inhabitants of a small country house that has been washed out to sea.

In addition to the experiment, guest speakers on related scientific fields and artwork will be invited for talks. Also, stay tuned for information on the final presentation of data and conclusions at the end of February.


Each show is designed for one, and just one, audience member at a time. Please reserve your spot in advance for this short puppet play to guarantee a spot by following the RSVP links below.

Walk-in participants are highly encouraged as well, if you happen to be in the area on weekday evenings or during the weekend. We suggest that if you want to just drop by, you call ahead to the gallery a little bit ahead of time, at 213.483.8761, just to check we’re in.


The play will be performed numerous times on each listed show night. Each show will last under 20 minutes. Please arrive a few minutes early and wait in the Machine Project gallery for your appointment time.

The puppet theater is above the gallery in our residency apartment. When your appointment time arrives, someone will lead you upstairs. We’ll let you know when you arrive if we are running late.

Please click your desired date below. This will take you to an RSVP page where you can reserve a specific time slot on that date.


Friday, Feb 4 (Opening Night) — 7:30-10:30pm (sold out)
Saturday, Feb 5 — 8-10pm (sold out)
Monday, Feb 7 — 6-9pm (sold out)
Wednesday, Feb 9 — 5-7pm (sold out)
Saturday, Feb 12 — 1-4pm, 7-10pm (7 tickets left as of this posting)
Sunday, Feb 13 — 1-5pm
Wednesday, Feb 16 — 5-7pm
Friday, Feb 18 — 7-11pm
Saturday, Feb 19 — 1-4pm, 7-10pm
Sunday, Feb 20 — 1-4pm, 7-10pm
Monday, Feb 21 — 6-9pm
Wednesday, Feb 23 — 5-7pm